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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you make me do something that makes me feel uncomfortable?

Absolutely not. This is not the hypnosis of TV where people make involuntary chicken noises. This is a proven therapeutic psychodynamic process, where you are always in control.

What does hypnosis feel like?

Think of hypnotherapy as guided relaxation, involving focussed concentration. This results in a heightened state of awareness which you may have heard described as a trance. Focussing your attention with my professional guidance, you will find that background sounds are blocked and allow you to concentrate fully on the moment.

How is Hypnotherapy different to other Counselling therapies?

Creative Analytical Hypnotherapy uses the hypnotic state to access feelings, thoughts and memories which have often been buried deep in your subconscious.

Using psychotherapeutic techniques whilst you are in this hypnotic state enables you to perceive things differently, such as allowing a relaxed birth.​

Many talking therapies address you in your current conscious state, with all your filters, walls and boundaries between you and recovery. 

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